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I have always confused loneliness with solitude. I came to know the difference last weekend. Got weekend holidays as there was labours day last saturday. With a sudden impulse i backpacked to Pondycherry. I was all alone, kept my mobile in silent all the time, expecting or giving no calls or messages on the two day trip.

It was worth a trip. The first day went with lot of sight seeing in the hired bicycle, and simple shopping. Unlike the crowds swarming in to the little town from chennai, I had no intentions to booze and puke. I was there to be alone. All alone by myself. I am not able to bring myself in writing to tell the soothing feeling I had out of the house and office for those two days thinking of nothing.

I work charged from Monday, as if something had happened to me. Much to the delight of my friends and family. I hope this charge stays for a while, before I get back into the victimhood, where I always belong too. ;P.

I had bought some good collection of dvds from pondy. Yet could not find time to check’em out. But I did watch few outstanding movies like The scent of woman, The good the bad and the ugly and Goodwill Hunting. Each of the movie was good in its own genre. And I am no genius to comment or critic the acts of Matt Demon, Al Pacino and Robin Williams.

Clint Eastwood did a fine job in Good, bad and ugly. But I liked the character Tuco more than Blondie. He had scope. Forget about the film being remade in Tamil. Huge Ego clashes.

Life goes on. I am trying to take the day as it comes without any predominant expectations. So far so good. Lets see. And there was some one when I deleted my blog asked me to revive it again and i did it for same purpose, but i can see they are hardly visiting the site. May be they tried to make me feel good. God knows!! False hopes and false promises had become inseperable part of life. One must not take them too serious.

Nothing more to add. One more weekend to waste alone. Companionship is something every man need. I dont know about women. But its a need and want of every man. When its around we dont appreciate it much. When its not you search for it like water in Sahara. Adios Amigos.