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Please leave me alone, I said NO. If I have had i would have given to you. Or I wouldn’t have given, But the answer now is NO.

Thanks for everything you did. And thanks for everything you are going to do in future. But the answer for you from me is NO. If you had done so much good for me in past I have an answer for you. Do you think, why this guy is not grateful to us. But before that think what bad have you done for me in past. If you don’t recall a thing, ask me.

Dont you think that nobody can do a lot of good for someone. Just because I said NO to you don’t think that I am not your friend. I was not your friend before too.

Just think, Who are you? and Who am I? How can we be friends? Will the third world countries accept us as friends ??!!!. It is a shame for me to be seen with you and it’s a shame for you to be seen with me.

Just because I said NO don’t think that I hate you. Instead of saying YES, cursing inside, I can say NO. You will also wish that. Dont you? I know you are the best person when you are drunk. But I am not. I don’t want drink fully and become a good person like you.

Just temporarily forget your need and just think of the NO I just said. The need is for you and not for me. It will not even touch me a bit. The word NO has much more clarity than YES. Yes sometimes mean NO. Dont believe me? Ask your girlfriend.

Dont give that filmy dialogue from Robin hood movies like “If the privileged doesn’t give” I said you NO. So there is no point of getting into an idea of I am privileged. For people who doesn’t understand NO, its a waste of time to say NO. At that time I can show some pivot table or the control chart I just prepared.

Please understand! I am also a decent fellow. I smoke Gold filter Kings too. I am also struggling but not so successful. In some other situation if you say NO, I will understand.

I wanted to finish this with a final word.  That’s what I first told you, NO. Can you understand what I said? If not it’s not my problem. I have said you NO several times. I know that by saying so many times any idea can be understood clearly. If the idea is easy to understand, it will not become more clear if you repeat it 100 times.

You have so many people to ask for. Why are you hanging around me? Just because you like me so much? Is this the way to show your affection on me? I have said you NO. Now eff off.


Note to self: Never ask money to your colleague to buy cigarettes.