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There were two things that happened recently that is worth a mention. Nothing so great. But still, it eased me of some pain which I had carried with me all the time.

It was a friday afternoon and I was not at all interested in doing my work. Was updating my Facebook, tweeting unimportant stuffs. Suddenly got an urge to call an old friend. Glad, he picked up and in next ten minutes I was out of office.

Last time when I went to see him, I was not able to spend so much time with him. I reached his room in next 20 minutes, but he was out for lunch. Sat there simply with some restlessness which is always with me now-a-days. Then he came and we started talking about various subjects. The subjects changes drastically each time we speak. It starts with age of empires and then goes to Cary grant and then to Alfred Hitchcock moving straight to his office and my office, marketing and human resource development to holocaust to Jews and Palestinians. Time just flew by when I was talking to him.

Glad that I had the lone time with him. So sweet of him that he didn’t even pick up his gf’s call two times. He had to go for night shift but still we kept talking about Yoga and stuff till 9. Felt really good after a long, useless talk with an old friend. Poor me, Was dependent on Mansion house all these days.

The second one being the new interviews that are happening in office. I mean these are for promotions, I believe my closest of friends would be with me in my grade. They had a real tough journey careerwise and it would be great for them to get these promotions. Another one of my friend is all set to visit US next month. I’ve been accompanying him to the visa formalities etc. So much of fun. I wonder if somebody else in his place, I would be dying with jealousy. But as long as it is my friend, I am really happy for him.

And yeah, getting away from work and family for one more weekend. Its gonna be thorough enjoyment for two days, in a place which I havent decided yet. True travellers never pick a destination, they just pick the direction. I am a real traveller 🙂