22nd March 2003 :

“Are you mad?? Are you sure about what you are going to do?” my brother asked.

“No, I thought I am reasonable. We cant run hotel in this town anymore” I said.

“So you want to go to that place where the retirees live and you got no business after 4 PM, after the working hours of that RTO Office?”

“Thats the plan actually. Lets wind up here and start a new hotel there” I ended the conversation.

It was the start of Annai Mess in a new location which ran successfully for two years. It catered the home delivery needs of retirees in the area and opened 2 more branches to cater the needs of ever-growing customers.

On another moment of madness, I shut it down and walked away after 2 years.

31-01-2005 :

“Suresh, Ask your brother to drop the whole thing, he has gone insane”. My brother’s friends were pleading.

My brother sat there with a knowing smile. He know I cannot be stopped.

“Guys! There is nothing to worry. Erode is in Tamilnadu, I am not going anywhere else. The only hitch is I have not seen that girl. But I asked her home location in chat itself and now in a position, I desperately want to meet her and say few words.” I explained. After all they are going to be financiers of my journey.

I worked as a caretaker in a browsing center, On a casual chatting I came across this girl “Poo” and that was my first love. In a moment of madnees, I  wanted to go and meet her. But the owner only gave leave but not any money. My friends helped me to go there. After half a day of wandering I found her home and college only to know that she is madly in love with some other guy.


“For God’s sake, you dont know typing. How are you going to manage this?” Mani said. I winked at him.

Mani was my friend, who worked almost like an assistant with me in the browsing center. The person who was responsible before me was well trained in the designing and DTP works. I was not. But still you cant refuse, when a beautiful young girl asks you to do her English Project. :).

I started with two fingers, finishing a page in a whole day. Picked up speed to finish three pages the next day. And voila, i finished the 210 pages in 10 days. I didnt see her after that. But the typing speed which I got from that experience, helped me in so many occasions. I still wonder why I took that project. Was it for the girl or was it for English?


“You dont really have to do this.  Whats your problem? It was just 15 days back you proposed your love to I. Now whats the point in leaving Tirunelveli and going to chennai?” Saravana was half pleading and half demanding.

We sat in the Tirunelveli railway station at morning 6.30 to catch the Guruvayoor express.

“I proposed a girl and she accepted. Now I want to be a man and earn enough to make her happy. I dont have a plan. But this crossed my mind in a moment and I was ready. I believe I will get more for this job in chennai” I said.

“Are you serious Prasanna? I know you were a fling to lot of girls. But are you serious with this girl?” Saravana cant believe me.

At that moment, I came running to us in the platform. Her sandals torn and was bleeding. Seems that she had fell off her vehicle on the way coming to railway station.

“What can you do with such a girl, than falling hopelessly in love with her?” and I started my journey to Chennai, which welcomed me with both arms.


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