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And I thought, discrimination has come down in our society. Then on Saturday, I chanced upon this news. Its appalling to see people act in such weird ways. That too in Tamil Nadu. And in the Independence day, we would proudly say to ourselves that we are moving forward.

Moving forward on what? Discrimination. Do you know something, the gypsies (narikuravar) is not allowed to sit in the seats of Chennai Metro trains. But they do not have to purchase the tickets. What kind of solution are we giving here? How are we going to encourage them to come up and sit?

I was travelling on chennai metro few days back. There was seat and one gypsy when tried to sit with a well dressed man was given a nasty look by all the passengers in the row. It was then that man took the ticket out of his pocket and waved it in front of all the passengers in the row.

“See! How much he is doing because he bought a ticket. They must be kept in their place” I heard voice behind me, all I can do was give an angry stare.

Thanks for the old man, the discrimination has come down to some extent than pre-independence era. I have heard from my friends that the discrimination in few North Indian states and Andra Pradesh are too much. I just cant understand why people are unable to treat the other person, who has the same organs such as you as equal to them.

And we have few people who talk a lot about equality bull shit. I am working with one. We went to a party and there was cocktail as well as buffet. I had my drink and went to him who was talking with his new found friend.

“See, We believe in Equality, he belongs in so and so caste. But still, I will drink from his glass” he said and drowned the beer from the other person’s glass.

I know this guy, so i took a plate and took some biriyani in it and gave it to the new found friend to eat first. After few mouthfuls I grabbed the plate from him and asked my colleague to eat it. He was not able to do that. And see how he is showing equality :).

All we can do is, we can just try to treat the other person as we like to be treated. We cant change this society and bull shit.