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I really pity the kids of this time. Most of them have both of their parents work. And the school timings are also not so helpful for the parents as well as the kids. Kids come home hours earlier than the parents and they spend time playing with each other if they have siblings or play Xbox if they are single child.

It makes me think of the childhood I had. For me life was beautiful. We lived in a setup like joint family. My aunt’s house was very nearby and my cousins would come home almost daily. Most of the time, I remember my uncle picking me up from the school when I was in Kindergarten. I would go to their house and have tea prepared by my aunt, play with my cousins and will be coming home well after its dark.

Then there was my grandma. I was so young when my grandpa passed away. I can’t even remember his face now. People say that I resemble him through some of my actions and mannerisms, but I can’t remember anything. But the memories of grand ma are so vivid. She used to wait in door step for me when I would come from school. Even from childhood I liked walking. She would fresh me up, and give my evening tiffin with a cup of coffee.

She used to tell a lot of stories, some of them I fondly remember till now. Some, I try to bring into my memory. She didn’t have big schooling, but still upon her own interest, she learnt a lot of things on her own. At one point she was able to read the name of the tablets that were given to her. My dad loved my granny. Whenever he comes home, he goes straight into her laps. And that taught us a lot.

After grandma is gone, things were not same. And I missed all the fun when we were as a joint family. Be it a family occasion like marriage or upanayanam, when the house is full with relatives and there was no dearth of fun and excitement, I missed all those things. And let me tell you why this big rant is being typed.

I saw this Korean movie, The way home few days back. It was a nice movie and I loved it from start to end. Even though I was not able to relate it so much, I am sure my brother would like to see the movie, coz he was so dear to my granny.

And getting back in touch with people is so warming, I even forgot someone for three days J. But still. Something is missing. Should find the missing link and fix it soon ;).