So I was there. I was in Mysore for three days. Three wonderful days. I always wanted to go there. Before I was born my father took my mom and bro for a trip to Mysore and they thoroughly enjoyed it, it  seems. I have seen all those photos for so long and fantasized myself standing beside the big man with big mustache standing with a snake in his hand. But it never happened.

I’ve been to Mysore before twice. Both time to meet a girl. I just visited Infosys campus both the times and it was Mysore for me. Recently I got introduced to this great website, which by now all the Indian travellers would know, rekindled my passion of backpacking. So I did.

This time my brother accompanied me. The usual busy man he is, it was surprising he was able to take two days off for this trip. So we boarded Cauvery Express in Central Station on a Thursday night. The compartment was jam-packed with kids and teenagers. Kids, who sing (now a days it became a thing to make kids sing in concerts.. Thanks to Vijay TV). The antakshari between these two group left us awake till late night. Still we managed to get some sleep in the middle.

We were woken up in the morning to the greenery. It was mist all around and we were in some station before Mandya. My camera never went inside then. I was all clicking and clicking till we reached Mysore. The people who were in the compartment started wearing their pull overs and all. From Chennai, we never expected such a climate there in Karnataka. It was pleasant as well as cold that pierced through our skins when we got down from the train.

The next thing to do was to find a place to stay for the next three days. Tried with many hotels but most of them were booked for the weekend, meaning we could stay there for friday and should search some other hotels for the next two days. Finally we got room in Hotel Abhishek near bus stand, which was comfortable yet fitting our budget. After a small relaxing session, we got the bus to Kushal Nagara.

It was a fascinating travel. The bus travelled through many villages and we got a chance to travel with those friendly local people. The small town college guys and girls were busy with their notes and trying to match the hip of Bangalore guys and the route was scenic. At some point of time there were few monks started to get in the bus. Only then we confirmed that we were in the right track. The bus moved and we got down at a place called Koppa. From there we were able to go to the temple. There were all Tibetan faces on the way. Lot of tourist buses were also parked and college teens and school kids were playing in the parking space.

When we entered the monastery, to our right, was a book stall and a young monk was taking care of it. We asked a few minutes of his time to explain us what they are doing there and how was their life here. After the chat we entered the golden temple and the three gold statues just blew us away. We have seen the images of statues numerous times in various places, but still I can just say that nobody can justify its actual beauty. We spent quality time in there and when we came out we took the monk’s help to go and visit the library in the monastery.

WE climbed up the steps and after a while we realized we had climbed so many steps. Then we saw through a window that actually the big statues were below us. The library was well maintained and it had numerous scriptures in it. But sadly it was all in their language and we were not able to understand anything. But still, it was worth a visit to the library.

All round we were able to see the monks irrespective of their age playing, and happy. It left us with a positive feeling. They were happy with what they are doing and we never heard any complaints about the food or living area or whatever. They were content with what they have. We had mojos and sechwan there in Tibetan restaurant before returning back to Mysore. We went to Kushalnagara and got bus to Mysore. It was drizzling first and then started as a downpour. The country side looked much beautiful in rains. All the greenery came back to life providing feast to our eyes.

I wonder why villages across the states (at least South India) smell same. It’s a divine fragrance, village scent mixed with smell brought by the rain. We reached Mysore and after dinner called it a day.

Rest in next part.