It was a wonderful morning. Its not everyday she gets to see the sunrise with the cup of coffee in hand. Most of the time she would be travelling in her office transport, half asleep and half depressed about the work that lies in front of her once she reached the office. The production managers in her export firm are ruthless. For them, every second counts.

She managed to stick on to this job for 3 years now. FromĀ harassment to promotions (due to her unending extra hours) she had seen it all. She was asked to come at 9.30 AM to office. Yes things like this happens once in a blue moon. However her daily routine didnt leave her in bed after four. She got up, cleaned the front yard of her house, made a nice kolam to her heart’s content. Then she made herself a nice cup of coffee and sat at the big stone they use at their backyard for washing clothes.

The chirping sound of birds, the breezy morning wind and the whiteness of the morning made her feel energized. She wondered whether she would be able to enjoy such things after her marriage. It brought Arul’s face to her mind. Even now she didnt know why she accepted him after his persistent proposals. But things like that happen. He had never had a permanent job. His job hops would astonish her.

One because his supervisor did not allow him to talk on his phone when he was at work. Another one because he was asked to wear shoes to office everyday. Another one because he didnt like distemper of the office. The reasons were endless. Her extra hours cash would go straight into his hand for his expenses. He has her debit card for two months now causing her not to know how much she is earning after her bonus and appraisal.

People said that she deserved a better guy. But she somehow held on to him. Even she doesnt know the answer for a why. A few days before, her cousin helped Arul get a job. She doesnt know how long this will last.

The visit to the temple was also nice. After so long she was able to catch up with her neighbors who happily made fun of her and made fun of themselves. Few people’s mere presence shall make us smile uncontrollably till our cheeks ache. She was glad that she was in company of such people. Back home her mom had made her favorite breakfast.

She had to go to office by public transport as she was not in any shift. She always dreaded the rush in the public transport at peak hours. Surprisingly the bus was free and she collected the ticket from unusually smiling conductor. The bus was stopped midway by a group of people from the opposition party of the state. It was their party head’s birthday. She got two sweets and a glass of lemon juice too.

The weather was not so sunny. It looked overcast. There was a nice breeze coming around her from the morning which didnt spoil her hair at the same time made her stay away from sweat. For people who had never been in airconditioned rooms have such simple pleasures. Once she was called to her manager’s cabin. It was a feedback for her as she wrongly cut the collar for a shirt the company was exporting. She stood there for 15 minutes all the time her manager was shouting. But she didnt mind because that was her first time in an airconditioned room.

The gate of her office was in full rush. She didnt know so much of people come at this time. She gets into office by 6 in morning and comes out after 10 hours shift daily. It was a new sight for her to see this much crowd at her office. She was glad to see some known faces in the crowd. But wait.. They are crying.

“We lost our job. It came with no warning. The guard is not even letting us in. The Union is also useless” someone grabbed her shoulder and started crying wetting her blouse with their tears.

She felt it would be better if she had a coffee right now.