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Its a nice feel when people stay up all night just to have a conversation with you. That too especially on a day like this. Today is Raksha bandan. And my sister was up all night waiting for me to finish my night shift to wish me rakshabandan.

I dont have a blood sister. All my cousins were quite elder to me. My elder brother always used to tell me that he wanted me to be a girl baby. Out of the 10 babies in hospital I was the only male child happily disappointing my brother.

I was also the one who was disappointed for not having a sister. Younger sister in particular. But life operates in a different way. As someone said Life is larger than logic. I found my younger sister when I was 17 years old. I cannot stop rave about her you see. She is the only weak link I have. Talk about my sister and I will be talking for weeks, months, years and decades. She had left such an impression in my life.

It was 2003 when I came to know her. That was the time when social media is yahoo messenger. And when Hi5 came into picture in India, it was a huge hit. A friend of mine suggested me to become a member and I was a member without even knowing the abc of the social networking. All I know is if somebody messages you, you will get an alert in your e-mail address and then you go and reply to that. I came to know her through Hi5.

Now its eight years and its like wow. We became brother and sister. There is one more guy, who is married and do not have time for us claim that he is her brother too. I am seriously jealous of that guy. Call me possesive or whatever, I dont care. But she is my sister and only my sister.

A sister who shaped her brother up for Chennai. What do a guy from Tirunelveli know about Chennai? I knew nothing. She taught me lot of things without hurting my ego. The second part of the last sentence carries lot of importance. She was the one who introduced me what conversing English is, when I was searching for words to tell about myself in an interview. She was the person who introduced me Davinci code and Angels and Demons and helped me to show off in my quaint little town. She was the one who kept on researching the phone numbers of n number of girls I fell in love with in the pre-mobile era. She was the one who listened all night in the phone about the boring stories of my childhood and school days.

She was the one who actually took me to CCD first. Now I don’t have coffee anywhere you know. She took me to the finest restaurants I have been ever in my life. She took care on little little things even my friends hadn’t noticed. She is my diary. She is lot clear with what I want, what I dont want, what I would get bored of, What I will enjoy forever. She corrects me, congratulates me, feel happy for me, has cried with me. She is so sweet, that when my ex broke up with me she gave me a letter written for five pages where two pages talks about my sister.  Now you can ask what have you done to such a sweet little sister

The answer is nothing and this is still my regret for eight years. Somehow things will not work out for her birthday or Rakshabandan. All I know is to write. I cant even tell it to her when I talk to her. The respect and the affection I have for her is much more than just words. The understanding glances and the reassuring looks from her make any day pleasant and as far as she is in my life, I feel like I am enjoying twelve months of spring.

Yes, we had had fights. Silly ones which were forgotten next day when we talked. After all, she is my sister. From the Class eleven girl I started talking with to an engineer who shoulder a lot of responsibility in her workplace, I saw her grow and it is a wonderful feeling when she drew up a big sum as her salary and asked me “what do you want brother?”. I was so proud that few drops came out of my eyes. All the struggle and the suffering in the teen age she went through, I would say my sister tackled it perfectly smart. I know people would give up, yield in to situation and blame the fate. But here this girl, took the challenges head on (She complains a lot though), inspired people to become what they are today.

Sister. I am proud to say, whatever I am today, is because of you. You are a major part of my life which cannot be erased or forgotten. And stay here forever ok. My kids cannot get a better aunt than you. My wife cannot get a better friend than you. My parents cannot get a better daughter figure than you. My friends cannot envy me more when you are here in my life.. You make my life special and please continue to do so.

I know you dont like putting this sister stuff in this blog. But this is my place, where I can vent out everything that comes into my mind through my fingers. For the four rakhis you’ve tied me on the rakshabandan day for the past years and the three rakhis you bought for me when I was in Tirunelveli, as usual this brother is not going to do anything than loving you more and more than the previous year.

Sister… May you get lot of good things in life and keep smiling always.

With lots and lots of love

B 🙂