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Yeah! I got this book today morning and I finished it in one sitting, barring the 11 hours I spent in office. The first thing I did was to come and lay my hands in this book. To be frank Sachin Garg impressed me. I’ve not read his previous book, but this book was a good start for me and I am not going to miss “It’s first love.. Just like last one”.

Ok now coming on to the book, being a male in Chennai, the opening chapters really did not impress me with the girlish talks and the shopping and all those things. But to say from a female perspective, Sachin was quite successful. The book actually made me sit straight when Amit and Soumya entered Torangallu and there was no turning back.

The characters were introduced in such a ease that you feel that they were already there, only for you to discover. The Characters of Mallappa, Manjunatha and Amit dont strain you to imagine. They just walk with us in roads everyday. The entry of the main character Shubhro was not thrust but as it happened to Soumya.

I could go on and on with all the characters and how they are developed throughout the novel, but that would reveal so much.

I am not at all a fan for such a fiction. Then the profession of Soumya and this contemplating female who was not sure about herself whether she can handle it or not when she actually had all the courage to do what needs to be done. The last part when Soumya negotiates with the mob leader does not come as a surprise or illogical as Sachin developed the character very well and showed us the glimpse of what she really is in the earlier chapters.

What came as a pleasant surprise was the end. I personally shared the view of Sunny, a character in the novel, when I read along the book but I was not ready for this mild surprise at the end of the chapter. And even after that there was no over the top emotional explanations of mind-monologues. The ending was as simple as the novel is.

The book has its weak points, but I am sure people will not notice as they are engrossed with the experiences that our heroine is having. For instance, the last night when Shubhro spends with Soumya, could have been better. I had hard time imagining the room, the mood, the reactions, the ambience etc. But unless or until you are a woman, you cannot really say what they feel or what they are upto right?

After reading this book, you may tell your friend that she behave like “Varkita” and compare the guy who was toned by hard work yet brilliant to Mallappa. And your not so your type friend whom you miss someday in your busy schedule to Amit. And your ever smiling boss when you flatter him to Vaibhav

I will give 4/5 marks for this novel. And you can see quite a number of girls reading this books in metro and bus journey curiously looking for weed smelling bengali with a camera in his hand.

Overall a very nice read..

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