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I am in this uncomfortable age you know, where all my male friends are getting married and all my female friends are having kids. Whenever I get a phone call from a school or college buddy, I pick up the phone in anticipations of hearing his wedding news and most of the time I am right. And friends who are single around me are dying to fall in a relationship.

There are lot of difficulties in being single in such scenario. Suddenly you know that you cant take that friend to pub tonight to hangout because he is busy having sweet nothings with his soon to be Mrs. And suddenly a drive to beach seem to be so long and boring with all your friends are busy impressing their bride to be. And what happens after the marriage is totally different story altogether. But bringing these guys together for an outing some day will also annoying because, sitting in Ford figo they will not be talking to each other but to their respective girlfriends (?!) leaving me dozed off almost while driving.

OK! They are excited and I will let them alone. Lets have a look at my single friends. Most of them, will walk as if the whole burden of the world as in their shoulders. They would say “Prasanna! I think I have a good job, I earn a decent salary. Mom and dad are happy. But still something is missing in life” I know where they are coming to but I advice them to take some adventure trips. Most of them shake their head in despair and walk away and the rest stop talking to me. The worst thing is they start hitting on every other female they come across.

And then if they start dating, I cant stand their antics for the first few months. I can expect myself to be sitting in his couch writing some stupid poems they are dictating me. Decorating his house for the day that special someone comes to their house and so on. Its like almost the person who came into their life out of the blue has brought spring, blossoms and flower to their otherwise boring life.

And then the family expectations; I cant attend a single wedding because of my age. Before I know people start talking about marriage and they almost fix a girl who has come to marriage. They dont understand whether I am ready or not. And everybody has some instant suggestion that I should change the company which I am working with right now because they are paying me low. I dont know whether it happens only in this part of the world or not but even if I had had a change of job or position just a week ago, the relatives are not so happy about my salary or position or company. For them its OK to be a peon in TCS or Infosys but not a manager in any other company.

And then these super romantic boyfriend-friends. After a casual chat, they will ask what I am doing for the weekend. I would say my plan. Mostly it will be movies or trekking or some travel. And the next moment the question springs “Dont you have a girl friend?” When i say No, their lecture starts how life will be meaningful with a partner yada yada yada as if I am living a total meaningless life.

I just wish people understand that Being Single is not some handicap. Its a choice. And I feel sorry for those thousands and thousands of ex-singles who fell in a wrong abuseful relationship by this peer pressure.

Have you gone through similar experience? Comment me and let me know how you handled this.