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Why do I love Chennai? I dont know. I am not a native of this city. I am just another immigrant like millions of others from Southern part of Tamilnadu and made Chennai as my home.

This post is part of the blog tag titled, The CBC Tablog where CBC stands for Chennai Bloggers Club. About 35 bloggers from Chennai are participating in this blog tag; everyone will write about their favourite city Chennai and what it means to them. So here’s my post for the CBC tablog titled, What Chennai Means To Me. Thanks for passing it to me Ashwini. (She had alphabetically list down the points. Too Good. You must read it)

May be I will try to list down:

The sunrise and walk in the Elliots beach over hearing everything from International politics to Cinema gossips from the walkers.

The fact of enjoying Margazhi mornings in Nanganallur and Sunday Fish Market in Kasimedu with equal zest.

  • Connemara Library
  • Chennai Super Kings
  • The Chennai Sangamam
  • The Broken Bridge
  • The bread omlete outside Alsa Mall in Egmore and food trail in Mint Street.
  • The Burmese foods (Comment if you use Selaki doom in your casual talks)
  • The December Musical Season
  • The Blind date movies in Satyam Cinemas
  • The Long ECR rides
  • The soothing Elliot’s beach walk.


There are numerous other things or a combination of other things that makes me feel I am a part of Chennai. I was one of them, who took train from Tirunelveli, stayed at a friends’ room and stared at sea in Marina beach uncertain about the future. Chennai is like a Mirror. If you are a Moron, you find morons. If you are cheerful, you will find the people helpful. If you are a cheater, this is the land of cheaters. So if you have already formed a opinion about Chennai, it is not about the place. You need to look into yourself and introspect.

This is the city which still respects its heritage and hoping to grab the effects of westernization. Chennai is nothing but its residents. If people leave behind their prejudices, like I did, then they will appreciate Chennai for what it is.

Chennai to me personifies Confidence. The opportunity the city offers to any person is amazing. Whatever you do, you can do it well and run it successfully in Chennai. From the likes of people who quit IT Industry to follow their passion in photography and people who finished their literature and then completed a computer course entering in to the IT field, Chennai offers you limitless opportunity.

Yes, This city has mosquito menace, The cooum river which we spoiled, and roads full of pot holes.Rainy seasons are scary. But if I go back to Tirunelveli for short visit and while coming back, crossing Tambaram strangely makes me feel like home and I like it.

This post will succeeded Sophie. She writes poetry, short stories at http://carmalin.blogspot.in/

So what does Chennai mean to you??