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By now most of you would have watched the movie and would have read dozens of reviews in the Internet. I thought of passing this movie without review but few reviews made me write this.


The movie is about a secret service agent and his team in New York trying to avoid a major mishap in the city. The secret agent lives in the guise of a Kathak dancer to avoid suspicions but had to come out when he had to encounter his long term friend/foe. The story ends when the mishap is averted and a very much possible sequel shots are shown at the end.

If you have been watching a lot of Hollywood movies or serials for that matter the technicality in the movie is not very new. The normal audience are now more capable of finding the CG works in Die Hard movie itself. So the CGI effects and the mishaps can be forgiven. Particularly in the much lauded fight scene (and the only one). Other than that, if you compare it with the Indian movies that has come recently this is one of the forerunner. We can always tell the Nethaji sequence in the movie Indian is inspired by Forrest Gump. But we should also keep in mind that it was first in Indian Cinema.

Lot of people say that the first half is quite saggy, particularly in the afghan sequence. Since the movie has multiple parts and the second part also deals with some afghan sequence I refrain from going into that. The sets look natural to me as I have seen afghan streets only in the BBC documentaries and the documentary film Kandahar. The camera work is praiseworthy as it clearly captures the mood both in Afghan and American sequences.

Next comes the script. Few movies like 7G rainbow colony, Polladhavan made so much of difference because the whole movie is based only on the content and other aspects of the movie is to support the story.Similarly the scripting of the movie is awesome. There is not even one unwanted scene in the movie.

The director had meticulously worked to get the details right. Few things that caught my attention in the first watch is

  • The statue that is in the table while the Kathak teacher is emoting in front of the mirror.
  • The same statue gets broken and information thrown into fire after the first fight
  • The total shaving of the Nigerian before the last assignment.
  • The swing sequence and the Kamal encouraging the boy to pull trigger on his father’s head.
  • The difference between Hakeem and Doctor.

It is unfortunate that Kamal, who made subtle references to his story like Elephant chained in Hey Ram and the tamed bull in Virumandi had to come up with some explanation for the pigeons tied with radioactive materials. And the masses ignore these things and take it literally and take the other tongue in cheek comments metaphorically and blow it out of proportion.

Off late very few Tamil  movie had engaged me throughout the movie as Viswaroopam did. And hope the questions we have in the first part will be answered in the second part.