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I recently had an excuse to analyse my tolerance level as some people came up to me and said about a certain Mr. X about his sense of humor in a public forum. He is known to be a witty guy and in my personal experience with him had given me very practical and timely advises which helped me a great deal. I was just wondering, whether these people didn’t get his sense of humor? So I went back at the group conversation and shocked to see how well he went with the flow. For any man it is perfectly understandable when in a forum when no girls are talking to him to get frustrated and try to get attention. Our beloved Mr. X was trying to do the same. I didn’t understand why such hoopla over some messages he shared.


When I went through the entire conversation his messages were not replied and nobody cared he even existed in the group. Then he started calling the girls “sappa moonji”. You cant be offended by this girls. Haven’t you ever heard of the story of fox and sour grapes. I guess the girls didn’t get the sense of humor. The sense of humor now a days is you can talk anything and everything about women and term it as joke. We recently saw it in Academy Award function as well. OK, the girls would have retorted back commenting about his so called Tom Cruise face cut, but that was what he was expecting. When he didn’t get the response, even the negative one, the sense of humor of our Mr. X reached a whole new level. He started sharing pictures which I would say of not so great taste. Blame it on my rural upbringing, some random guy touching a girl in not so appropriate place is not my kind of humor. When I removed this from the group messages it offended our Mr. X who washed the dirty linen in public.

Fast forward to some years back. I was in Tirunelveli. Jobless jacks like us sit on the small wall and were having some fun. A girl was passing by and some unruly fellow commented how her face looked like a male comedian. We laughed it off and suddenly the next day we came to know that the girl set herself on fire unable to bear the insult and our laughs in public place. That taught me some serious lessons. We could have just laughed. We didn’t even comment on that girl. To the person who commented it may well be a small comment, which he would not even remember after few minutes. But a life was lost. That day I realized not everything is funny.


Now a days such humor like Mr. X tried works in some places and doesn’t work in most. Women try to ignore such high on humor people. But blaming them for lack of sense of humor is childish to me. I mean I can call you gorilla face, make fun of your paunch and split eyes and then say I was just joking doesn’t make things right. No even if you are born that way, its not an excuse when you poke your tiny thing on others is not welcome. And just because you have followers and people read your blog you cant go on and blame others for their lack of humor (in the guise of personal rant) wont help either. People say the love it when they get it back, because that will just help them develop a conversation. If I get a bad joke on me, I usually retort saying “Grow up buddy” than to giving it back in their standard. It doesn’t mean I cant do that. Its just that I have my own standards to keep. 


And there is this myth. Pretty girls don’t get good sense of humor or irritant towards it. Seriously, so that much girls have given back to our Mr. X. May be he doesn’t joke with not so pretty girls or otherwise he would have known that kind of humor is never encouraged anywhere. And come who wants to talk with let alone joke with not so pretty woman by their taste. Ah! You must not ask about the handsomeness of guys. They are so happy and confident if they have this beer belly, receding hairline and squint eyes as well as a feminine voice. They have the liberty to openly differentiate between “Sumaar Moonji” and “Sappa Moonji” in an open forum.

While our Mr. X can be understood about his frustration of not getting a good conversation in the public forum or something like that, there is this another Mr.Y. He waits for the Mr. X to make a move and when Mr. X offends the girls this Mr. Y comes in place as if consoling them, then get closer with them sympathizing with the ordeals they have to go through because they are women. And then do the same shameless flirting and gross jokes in disguise of innocent fun. It takes two or three days for girls to identify Mr. Y. But believe me our girls are shrewd. When they identify Mr. Y, he will be blocked for life.

Its not only hard for women to walk in the roads, but also to chat, update status or be themselves in Whatsapp. I don’t sympathize with them because they don’t need it and can handle perfectly. But I cant help feel bad about Mr. X and Y.