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This post is for the Thirsty Thursdays, theme for today started by The Chennai Bloggers Club.

This is Jack Daniels. My favorite drink. I usually have it without any mix. It tastes better on the rocks. When this golden fluid slides over the colorless ice cubes you will witness the transformation both in color as well as aroma.

Whenever friends or relatives come from US the only thing I would ask is a bottle of Jack Daniels. Before even tasting this I was a big fan of this brand because this is what Al Pacino drinks in the movie “Scent of a woman”.

The bad things is I dont stock it in my house. But if I am in the mood to celebrate or mourn this is my best friend. Sipping JD in Pondy at middle of the night watching moon and sea in midnight converts lonliness to solitude.

Fortunately or unfortunately i always had this drink alone. I never got a chance to share the joy with any friend of mine. For some reason whenever there is Jack Daniels at my hands none of my friends would be free leaving the whole thing to only me.

I am a big fan of the color and the aroma of this drink. There are times when I stared at my glass for several minutes tilting this golden liquid to various angles and smelling it.

If you haven’t tried before, please do. Life is too short to miss out such beauties