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You ask me what you mean to me?

Do you think that Noah really built that ark?

Do you think he saved so much of living things in that small ark he built?

Do you really think Moses parted the sea for his people to walk?

Do you really think the the first drop of rain is a blessing?

Do you really think Krishna danced on a snake’s head?

Do you really believe that kids smile in sleep when they converse with God?

Have you ever felt that joy when you watch a flower blossom?

Have you ever walked bare feet in beach, while waves washing your feet?

Have you ever  listened to the sound of distant flute when you longed for a shoulder to cry?

Have you ever been kissed by a random child in Super market?

Have you ever felt the snow in your cheek?

Do you know how exhilarating a roller coaster ride could be?

Do you know how it feels when a random stranger wishes you a good day?

Do you understand that each and every moment is a blessing?

Have you ever thought no serendipity is just a coincidence?

Do you believe in Miracles?

If not

How can I explain what you mean to me?

Photo Courtesy – Rathnakanth Jayaprakash