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The +2 results are out. This is one area which I think the yesteryear generation was more luckier than the present generation. Like I said in this post, the average day of a school boy is butchered by their parents to get good marks in 12th. He has to endure at least 4 years of uninteresting life (few lucky ones get good schools which actually make studies interesting) to finish this important milestone in his life.

When the results are out, the best thing he can hope is not to score less marks than anyone in the neighborhood. Then starts the free advice for parents as well as the students. What to do? Where to do? How to do? all this questions cloud their mind. And the only entertainment allowed till finishing the school is TV. That too because his father likes to watch maanada mayilada etc., The movies wrong our students big time stating that college is fun, girls, cultural yada yada yada and all. After the counselling, wandering this that, if he gets a engineering college seat, the only thing is now his father will put his hand over his shoulder and take for a stroll and buy him a wrist watch. This is the only good thing that is going to happen in near future.

In Chennai, most of the engineering college have this rule of boys should not talk to girls. Yes! They are that primitive. If any staff of the college sees a boy or girl talking then the girl should write an apology note and the boy would be thrashed. I am imagining people from the co-ed schools joining in such college. Its a nightmare.  There is no room for creativity and stuff.

In our school there was a physics teacher called Kunjithapatham. He was bald. At that time we had nothing to do except put doodles and pass it on to other benches. Once the note reached his hand by mistake. He smiled and corrected few mistakes in the doodle and passed it again. There are so many people like this. But when I heard from my friend that when a student was caught for this act, he was thrashed in front of the whole class room.

Who gives the right for these people to do such things? Not allowed to talk with a class mate and manhandling a person infront of a crowd is pure violation of human rights. But still the parents and other students watch it as if nothing is wrong. They are afraid of their education and what will happen if sent back to home without completing degree and all.

But in my experience, I have seen douchebags from IITs and gems in school pass outs. Our current system is so corrupted that without a professional course, people do not see a future. There is no interest based curriculum developed. And even if there is an interest the parents are hell bent on killing it.

Its appalling to think how the future workforce is going to be, when they dont enjoy their school, college life and also brought up like tea estate workers in “paradesi” movie.