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Memories of murder is a crime drama based on real incidents that happened in South Korea by 1986. In the  movie “Girl with Dragon Tattoo” the police officer would say that every detective would have a “Rebecca Case”. A Case that he wouldnt be able to solve but haunt him thought out his life. This movie falls in that genre.

Two detectives work their ass off to find a serial killer who silently rapes and kills women in the province. Most of the women are working class women, who wont share the stories with other people. If there is any sign of protest, then the women were killed. The local detectives are clueless without any technical or forensic aid, they rely on beating the hell out of the suspect to get confession.

Then there is a new detective from Seoul comes into investigate the murder. They then find a pattern in all the deaths. It is on a rainy night, when the radio plays a particular song and the victim always wore red dress. After lot of struggle they identify a person but till the end of the movie they will not be able to prove his guilt.

This movie cannot be explained in passages. Thats what makes the movie more interesting. It is a wonderful movie experience where the director took immense effort to get the details in each scene of the movie. The performance of the lead actors are too good, but the performance of a person who comes in as a half retard takes the cake. If you are bored of our movies where our hero single handedly bash up everyone who has done wrong things, then this is the movie for you.

The last scene nails it all. Dont miss it.