Date a guy who smokes. Date a guy who spends his money on different brands of cigarettes instead of video games. He has problems with closed space because the smoke lingers there too long. Date a guy with list of brands he is yet to smoke, who had started smoking right from his high school.

Find a guy who smokes. You will know that he does because there is always an unfinished pack of cigarettes he is saving because he may have the urge to smoke at the middle of the night. He is the one who lovingly look at the cigarette store counter like a ten year old kid looking for his favorite character’s doll, the one who quietly lets out a cry when the smell of his favorite brand’s smoke hits his nose. You see a weird dude smelling his fingers while walking away from tea shop? He is a smoker. One cannot resist the smell that cigarette leaves between your fingers, especially immediately after a smoke.

He is a guy who sits in garden area of a coffee shop or a bar. If you take a peek at his table you can find a packet of cigarettes and a lighter, the coffee could have been cold already because he is savoring every second with his hot headed companion. Sit down. He may offer you a cigarette, as most guys who smoke are generous and understand craving. Do not start a conversation. Ask him if he always smokes that brand.

Share the imported cigars you are hiding for the evening.

Let him know what you a really think of Cuban Cigars. See if he had really smoked Madurai weed. Understand that if he stood the test of his first chillum or he’s just saying it to sound manly. Ask him if he loves Winston Churchill or he would like to be Winston Churchill.

It’s easy to date a guy who smokes. Give him cigars on his birthday. Gift wrap a carton of his favorite Indian brand when he is about to board the flight. Give him scissors, Gold flake filter, Kings or Wills filter. Let him know that you understand that smoking is a form of expression. Understand that he knows the effects of smoking but he just want to make his life a bit like heaven shown in Tamil cinemas full of smoke. It will never be your fault if he does.

He has to give it a shot somehow.

Shout at him. If he understands the syntax he will understand your need to let out your frustration. Behind smoke are other things, unspoken emotions, frustrations and his first feel of a woman. It will not be the end of the world.

Break your rendezvous in the middle and he will understand. Because a guy who smokes knows that there is always a time where had to stamp the cigarette running to catch a bus or a meeting. You can always light a new cigarette and there is always another romantic evening. That you can begin again and again and still enjoy a whole stick. That life is meant to have few un-smoked cigarettes.

Why be afraid of breaking his heart? A guy who smokes understands that people, like cigarettes can get over and dusted to ashes, however there is always a hope of new and better one.

If you find a guy who smokes, keep him closer. When you find him up at 2 AM, with an orange light in the middle of his fingers, understand that he is so far away in his thoughts. He will always come back to you. But wait for it. He will talk to cigarette as if it is his best friend, but for a period of time in every guy’s life, they always are.

You will propose in a smoke filled bedroom, or during a smoke at tea shop. Or very casually when he is coughing while smoking. Over Phone.

You will cough so hard you will wonder why your lungs haven’t burst out. You will have a collection of glittery papers from the cigarette boxes he threw away. Have kids with strong sense of smell. He will introduce your teen age son to Gold flake kings and Scissor filter, may be in the same day. You will walk in the winters of your old age and he will take a puff of his favorite cigar while you fan your hands to make the smoke go away.

Date a guy who smokes because you deserve it. You deserve a guy who can give you the most dream like life imaginable. If you can only give him advices, or dare to pull off the stick from his mouth and throw it in water, then you’re better off alone. If you want the world and worlds beyond it smell divine, date a guy who smokes.

Or better yet, date a guy who rolls joint.

Inspired from this great piece of writing by Rosemarie Urquico

(I don’t want to be branded as sexist. So you can always substitute guy for girl in the above article. It fits).