Yesterday I got a chance to watch celluloid poetry “The Ship of Theseus.” Once in a blue moon such films do come out and leave us yearning for more. The movie was sincere in one word. I mean nobody in stockholm talk Hindi or Egyptian character didnt talk to her mom over skype in English for the sake of audience. This could have been possible only when the filmmaker made the film to be true to himself and the script.

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So this  brings to me to another question. Isn’t art supposed to please masses? In that case isn’t it the artist’s duty to please the audience even if there is to be some adjustments to be done in his piece of art? So what is more important? To be true to what he wants to perform or to go with the audience’s taste?

So coming to the audience’s taste, Is it the acceptance of the audience a measure of success of art? So even if a great artist who makes some peculiar and one of its kind of art, if it does not satisfy the expectation of the mass, should the art be considered as failure? many a great artists had to overcome these and worked tirelessly towards their calling or their way of work and fount acceptance over a period of time.

Also being constantly fed by narrow meaning of art, are the audience ready to separate what is mundane and what is miracle in terms of any art form? Be it music, literature even film making. When I think myself as an audience, invariably what I have seen, heard over the years make me draw comparisons over the individuals I like, however mediocre they may be. I heard someone say in the crowd after watching the movie that only Mysskin can make a movie like Ship of Theseus in Tamil. No offence to Mysskin or Anand Gandhi, but that is the scale we have to measure the greatness of an artist. We always have a scale.

The recognition of the audience is the highest regard an artist could get. That will be his greatest reward, as numerous artists have said while they win some cash prize or something. In that case is it ok to churn out mediocre stuff in the name of art with the excuse of audience acceptance?

There should be someone to step up to bring up the standards of the so called audience. It is not going to happen overnight but it will happen. Like it happened with Ship of Theseus. A common man can relate and appreciate an art, be it of any form only if he can relate it to and when it touches something inside him. Over a period of time, only the artists however absurd they may be or their art may be, succeeded because they made something that everyone can relate to and touched them.

It is high time that people in lot of art forms should realize this and create something to the heck of creating it and not for money, fame or acceptance. Because if it is not now, we will be the first generation which is going to be affected by the art famine.

If you are an artist, writer, singer, composer or even a gardener, tell me this? What does audience reaction mean to you? How did you feel when you make something and it touched the chord of so many people and made them remember you for that very reason? I am curious to know.