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I wonder what is the worst thing? Getting irritated by your cousins and aunts in a wedding that I am next or getting irritated by friends and colleagues about how I should save money and buy a house or apartment.

In both cases, it is not like I dont want to. But you know, I am some special kind of lazy to get out of my house and look for things. But recently my workplace has become one place to hide. I store all the house brokers’ name in my mobile phone with their occupation as last name and my when my brother scrolls down my contact list he is suspicious that I am frustrated of being single :(.

And then there is these guys in office who recently bought an apartment which is slightly bigger than their nose holes and go gaga over the projects that are going to take of in their localities in 2030. I am like


But that doesnt end there. When each and everyone in office thinks I have hell a lot of money in my bank account and its just my laziness to sign the document I am homeless I cannot react more than this.

cant take this anymore


Then if I actually decide to buy house and start thinking of getting a home loan or something and talk to a bank executive he brings up these terms and conditions and thousands of documents to be submitted, I am like



And then there will be the real estate agents who try to lure me with properties which are just 300 kms close to Chennai and it has a forest andΒ volcanoΒ in the compound I am like

understand nothing


And finally realization dawns upon me that if I should buy a decent home, I should have started saving right from my birth and each and every person who drops in to give such advice emphasize it, I am like

God Shut up


Then there are these ads in TV which are telecasted only on the channels my parents watch. That too right at the time I enter home from a frustrating day at office and I am like

reality ads


And there are few colleagues who bring in their apartment plan and show off to each and every person in the office including the auto guy standing outside of IT park to get their idea of how things would work out. Sometimes when they invite me to have a look at the plan and there are few more available in the same place, I am like

bad nod


And then there are these long lost friends who will not be in touch with phone or facebook or whatever, but when they get married or buy house they will not even invite me to the house warming function but click pictures and post it in facebook to tag me in each and every photo of theirs. I will be like

O No


But still, saving pennies and pieces I am waiting for the right one to come out only to know the property I had in mind had shot up 300% of its original value.

bored kid


Talk about perils of being in late twenties 😦