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It has been few days since I wanted to write something. But a recent discussion among friends had put me off from writing this for so long. I suck at English. No it is not my first language but in the part of the world I live, making mistakes in grammar or punctuation leads people to judge me and invariable affects my *whatever,* as I blog in English. I have typed this in MS Word and removed all the red and green lines per the suggestion it gave. So if you find any grammatical mistakes or punctuation mistakes, blame it on Bill Gates and his bunch of developers.

Aah! Done with disclaimer. Now we can go into the actual post. As a family we used to talk a lot. Listening to my father after Sunday dinner is a treat. He used to tell us about the problems that the suppressed class had to go through in their times and sometimes he would say that he is pleased to see that a generation which is fully educated forgot all those differences and move together freely than ever before.

I always believed my father. We all do right? I also thought education brought in lot of changes and people put their differences behind and rub shoulders without any ego. How wrong we were? And with the advent of Facebook, twitter and other social media platforms it slaps across my face that it has taken a new form.

People have grown to be intolerant, self centered and egoistic because of their belief of unique thought process. Anything said and done by people who they think are intellectually inferior to them are trolled. Trolling is a safe bet. If you ask them to correct their mistakes there is chance that they take you seriously and get better than you. If you ignore, somebody else may help them and make them a better thinker or writer or whatever they are. People troll them. Make them feel inferior about what they had expressed. Its easy to say ignore them and move forward. But when three people gang up against a person and continuously troll him/her it breaks something inside him/her. I believe this is the worst form of harassment.


And if nothing works out people, one of these gang members puts a status indirectly pointing some mistake or shortcoming of the person. The others in the gang join the party in comments or twitter conversations. They won’t name anyone. But the thread will go on and on and make sure it will appear on concerned person’s feed. Now you can ask, why a harmless status message is a problem? Isn’t this a democratic country? Yes. But if only a gang is going to comment again and again then it would be better to have it in a group chat or private conversation right? If that is hurting some person, is it still right?

Surprisingly all these people would have been well educated, well read and have good interpersonal relationship with a set of people. But when they have problem with a particular person, that is all. I can’t even believe the level they stoop down to have this cheap pleasure. I asked myself and spent time in introspection and took time to explore my own Facebook timeline to see if I had trolled anyone. I have. I am ashamed. Even there were few comments sometime had hurt people in a group that I am a member of. But thankfully I had some sensible friends who took it as a responsibility to correct me. I understood and made few calls to apologize. I am amazed to see how may people, even after I had inflicted verbal damage, were ready to forgive and forget. I am thankful to them too.

One can read so much and have so much talent in various aspects. We can sing, dance and write perfectly. We can have a good job, perfect girl friend/wife, great friends and awesome beer. But with all these, if one chose to spend their time trolling, they will be left with nothing other than their beer. Because you know, beer is man’s best friend.

Have you been a victim or trolling? How did you react or overcome it? Help me understand what runs in your mind when you know that you are being targeted by a bunch of morons but could do nothing about it. I am all ears.

P.S: Please do not comment, “wow” “nice” “excellent thought process” and all. Because it may mislead people who come and read the post. I do not understand why people chose to read the comments before the post itself. But still, dont make the post smell good and give a stale taste while taking a bite. Be a responsible commentor. Thank You.