I was in a forest,

which filled itself with dark and gloom,

I felt so cold,

I made fire with some stones.

I may create a forest fire,

I was afraid.

But the dance of the flames

had me captivated.

The warmth it gave, felt like a company

as if it was dancing for a symphony,

I stared and stared at it,

Forgetting the starlit sky just above my head.

Flames have such power

to make you dance with them.

The orange cones which changed its

shape every second

Took my breath away but held me

gazing at it.

It looked like an eternity but it was

just for minutes.

The flame just started to die,

bringing me back to the cold woods

I was sitting there

not knowing whether I should feed the fire

Or let it settle.

I was too tired to cut the logs and make it stay

As the sky changed its color to dawn,

the flames rested. The logs burned out

But then there was an ember,

which rose from the log and sat on my shoulder

i was afraid if it would burn me.

It just left a scar.

I was not able to tell what I feared most

Creating a forest fire or

Scar by that ember.