I don’t know how to sum up 2013. This year just passed by. That is all. I was just a spectator to the happenings. It was like a Rajesh film, with no major twists or turns but some laughs thrown here and there. Met few new people, grateful that few stayed and rued that one who left for good.

I did read a lot. I completed the 100 book challenge by November. All I read after that was a bonus. I read “40 rules of love” and “Let’s Pretend that never happened” in December and those were great books to end a year with. The one which gave different perspectives of love and the other one made me realize humour is not an option but an essential ingredient for the daily life.

Started getting published regularly. I wrote a movie and book review in Tamil for an entire year. If someone had told me I would do this in 2012, I would have laughed at their silliness. After long contemplation, I started my novel too. Though I feel like Rocky Balboa in final scene in Rocky (All parts) by the punches from my proof readers and editors, it does feel good that they could relate to what I write and enjoy it.

Spent very little time with family and even more less time with friends. This year “Nithradevi” took all of my time for herself. I found a new zest in sleeping. I sleep at night in office, in the cab, in mornings and while coming to office. It is totally refreshing. I was free to do what I want. Nobody stopped me from doing anything. If I had missed anything Β to do, it is my fault. Coming to that, this is the year where I didnt strike off anything from my bucket list. I feel really bad about it.

I have added quite a number of people to my FB friend list. Not that it matters. Learnt that online friendships has its limitations. After a while, you treat your friends as you treat yourself. Particularly when you develop friendship with people whom you have not met face to face. If you are the one, who would mock yourself for fun, that is a bad idea. I learnt it the hard way. I was amazed that I could treat someone as I would treat myself and at the same time ashamed that I had treated myself badly all these years :-).

So that is the end of the year, which just passed by. If you ask me if I had added me anything, then I would point my new lens I got this November. If you ask if I had lost anything this year, I would point my bald head. If you ask if I had multiplied anything I would point out smiles of few guys. That is it.

Hoping for another set of 365 days! And Hey! Happy new Year