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Sometimes, our life will be like mega serial. Even when you miss two or three days it won’t matter as we would be doing the same thing again and again. Sometimes life would be like a thriller film. An unexpected jab in the guts will throw us out of control. It happened to me in March. Instead of curling down with pain, it gave me a new feeling. I felt alive. I was still able to feel the pain. It was the source of motivation and then I started to run frantically. Behind job, behind freelance opportunities anything new that came in my way. Then my friend Shruti said to me that she was coming to India from London. I was super excited. She wanted to spend some day in some place other than house. I prepared a travel itinerary for us. The plan was for four people. But since the other three were girls, I thought I would be bored to death. So Shruti’s sister, brought along her friend Siva. Together we started our planning.

It wasn’t very difficult. Paradise Holidays (Tourist Company) came to our rescue. Except for paying the money, they took care of all the plans and means. We had to reach Aluva on May Day morning. Three of them were coming from Bangalore and two of us were going from Chennai. The IRCTC website conked as usual and we boarded a bus which said, it will take us to Aluva by 8 AM. After a hectic day at office, I dozed off in the bus. I woke up to the sunrise and found my mobile phone in roaming. I was half expecting that we would have crossed Palaghat. But my heart skipped a beat when I saw a Tiruppur board. The bus was very late. At last the bus dropped us in Aluva by 10.15.

The Bangalore party reached two hours before us. Our friendly driver Shijith took them to a home stay next to Paradise Holiday’s office to refresh themselves. When I got down the bus, a sudden fear gripped me. I am going to spend three days with three people whom I have never met before. I have talked to Shruthi and my interaction with other two were limited to Facebook. Seems they had the same feeling too. But to my surprise, right from the moment we met, we hit it off pretty well. It was not like I am in company with strangers. We shared interests and food. We had the best breakfast in the homestay and started towards our first destination. Vembanand Lake.

The journey was eventful. The driver understood very little English and didnt understand Tamil at all. I had a feeling that I would become a bharathanatyam dancer at the end of the trip. How much ever the distance to a place is, if you ask him how long it would take, he had single answer. “Just One and half hours”. It was the first day and it was frustrating. But after a while we got used to it.

Only when I got down, how Paradise Holidays had personalized our travel.

Bragadeesh and family

We boarded the boat house. The host explained that this is one of the places where the water level is higher than the land level. Only other place is Amsterdam. Felt bad that I knew very little about my neighboring state. The state surprised me a lot in the coming days.

Boat house can get to your nerve sometime. You enjoy the scenery for some time. Click some pictures and eat. Then you wont know what you are going to do next. Unless you have great friends like I do. What started as a casual conversation went for more than an hour and we started to know each other more. The cameras were set aside since the people were more interesting than the scenery. We stopped in the island for a while for some shopping and photo opportunities and continued in the backwaters to search for a place to park and relax.

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I was afraid about the insects when they park the houseboat. But this time, it was relatively lesser than my previous trip. It was humid as hell. But hey, it is may. What can we expect? After a refreshing bath, we plugged in our USB to the entertainment system in the houseboat and Zindagi Naa Milegi Dobara started to play. Though we didnt do anything like ZNMD it felt good to be in company of friends, without worrying about the share autos and buses to catch, to send and receive email from clients. That too on a week day. The movie was stopped in the middle and I had one too many drinks.

I went in the room to do something but slept off and while I woke up, there was four concerned people around me. I should have been talking too much. But there was no fear of judging. I wanted to wake up early to catch the sunrise, which I missed in a comical way and to travel to our resort in Alleppey. I was so eager to see it after the reviews I read in trip advisor, India mike etc etc. It was Kondai Lip. I think all others will accept when I say that was THE best part of the trip.

So how did I miss the sunrise? Read it tomorrow ๐Ÿ™‚