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Chapter 3

The National Law University of Delhi was yet to wake up from its slumber. A tall & extremely fair boy, stealthily walked out of his hostel room. He slowly shut the door behind him but didn’t lock it. His roommate was fast asleep. Cyrus Daruwala had his sports kit slung over his shoulders and a basketball in his arm. He was heading towards the basketball court. There would be no one waiting for him. He would be practicing his game all by himself. The University had various sports tournaments. But none of them interested him. The cricket tournament was named “Bails Denied”. He wondered what the basketball tournament would be named, if at all there was one.

This was his third year into the university and it would take another two years before he could begin his legal practice. He played basketball to calm his mind, so that he could think clearly. The last few days had been quite hectic reading the case papers, preparing counter arguments for the assignments they planned in the university. He had been reading a lot and sleeping late. His eyes were tired and they had dark circles around them.

He dribbled his basketball as several thoughts crossed his mind. His mind shifted from the various mini topics going on inside it. He tried a shot at the basket. No luck.

Politics always interested Cyrus. But the consolidation of provinces after the independence, made his head spin. He didn’t want to get into such mess after what had happened to his father. He was a historical researcher. Cyrus had inherited a part of his father’s abilities. His grandfather didn’t like the cases he chose for his assignments.
‘That is always a curse to our family’, he often said.
He also mentioned something regarding Cyrus’s father’s trip to Kerala. But that was not his concern now.

His thoughts settled on the documents which he had read the day before. They had disturbed his sleep. Yes, that was the thing troubling him. As a part of a project, he was supposed to take up one case that interested him & prepare a thesis on the same. As he was looking up a hundred cases on the internet & the case files, one particular case, interested him deeply. It wasn’t simple. It was a case that was closed long ago. But having inherited his father’s thought process; he believed the case could still be solved.

He dribbled faster. He tried another shot. Yes!!!

Two hours later, he returned to his room, freshened up and picked up the newspaper lying on the door mat. After skimming through the pages he reached the section of the regional news.

Temple trustee oversees the preparation for the celebrations of the temple. Tourists and devotees from all over the country and overseas are visiting Kerala to witness the beautiful deity’s procession.
He retrieved the documents related to his new case. He had requested for the case files as soon as he had the chance to. Since the case was closed long back, they gave him access to the files. He converted them into pdfs and read them whenever he got a chance. He read it again – one line at a time.

He took his backpack and stuffed the laptop inside along with a few jeans and t-shirts. He looked at the mirror. His curly hair was an unruly mess. The unwieldy spectacles adorned his stern face. He had not worried about the way he looked in a long time. He studied himself further. For some unknown reason his face has turned red. He stood there staring at his reflection, without smiling. He was unsure of what to do with the unidentifiable fuzz growing on his chin. Some people would have referred to it as a stubble, some would refer to it as the 5 O’clock shadow.

He wanted answers to some of the questions which ravaged his mind and left him sleepless at nights. He had to go in search of them.

You can find the next chapter here.

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