Contact Me!!!

If you have some really bad comments to say me, or if I had used a photograph of yours without crediting you, or the way i describe a girl closely resembles your ex-girlfriend or current, or you differ with my opinion on some stupid issues, or you think i should take a break and get some life, do write to me.

you can reach me at mrniceguy467 [at]gmail [dot] com

Skype id is bragadeesh.prodapt.

you can connect with me in facebook, flickr and twitter if you wish..

5 thoughts on “Contact Me!!!”

  1. Biju VK said:

    Can I get one copy of the Book you published prasana!! wld luv to get one 🙂

  2. Biju VK said:

    You took me to my olden days. Excellent writeup dear 🙂
    Now my next plan is to read ur book :):):)

    When can i get it…

    • Bragadeesh said:

      Glad that you liked it Biju. Welcome to the blog first of all. It was a work of fiction and may be with all your wishes, I would publish a book very soon.

  3. Hey Prassana..

    Read ur ramblings after a long time.. I’m not an avid blog reader/writter, but when time & mood suits, I go thru few of my frenz blogs.. urs would be the first choice 🙂 and here I am after reading ur recent posts..

    Nice writings mate.. wish to see a lot more from u.. keep’em coming. Going to bed now with a big smile & a lite heart..

    Cheers, ur fren

    • Bragadeesh said:

      Hi Ram,

      Thanks for your kind words. I liked the last part of going to bed with big smile and lite heart. :). I will surely keep writing, and you keep visiting.


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